Adding or Removing Items


You can add or remove items from your order if it has not been shipped out. Use the Cancel/Change Order link to request the changes. Please provide the product codes and quantities of the items you would like to add or remove.


After you submit your request, we will send you an email confirming the changes.

Please note: Any change request might delay the shipping time of your order.


If your order has already shipped, you will not be able to find the order to request the changes through the Cancel/Change Order link. You can open a Support Ticket, reply to your confirmation email or send us an email to, and if your order has not left the building yet, we will do our best to make the changes requested.


Submitting a change request through Cancel/Change Order link will change the status of your order to "On Hold”. This will give us time to locate your order in the warehouse to make the changes requested.

Opening a Support Ticket or emailing our general inbox does not put an order on hold. Your order might ship before we are able to see your email request.


Address Correction


You can also request an address correction. If the order has already shipped, we can contact the shipping company to correct the address, but this will delay the shipping times. Please note that additional fees might apply.


Please note: We cannot guarantee that the address correction will be successful. Depending on where your package is, the shipping company will request the address change. If your order is out for delivery, or has left the last facility, the address correction will not be completed.


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