If your credit card will not process online, try using a different credit card or a different payment method.

Please verify the following information:

  • The credit card number is in the correct field. 
  • The card number, expiry date, and that CVV number have been entered correctly.
  • Funds are available and your credit card is not on hold.
  • Check to see if an error message shows up at checkout. If the error message shows on the screen then follow the instructions. If the message does not make sense, please call or open a support ticket.
  • We may not accept the card type you are trying to use (i.e. Interac Cards). See the payment methods we accept.
  • If you do not frequently shop online, your credit card processor may flag transactions for review and put your credit card on hold. You might have to call your bank to resolve the processing issues.  
  • The credit card processing system might be down. You might have to wait for the processor to be up again or try another card.

If you continue to have issues at checkout, open a support ticket or call us at 1-866-330-1272. We can also be contacted on live chat.

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