Conwin's 10ft Extension Hose Inflator, works with Conwin’s six different snap-on outlets. The hose also comes with two outlets, allowing two people to inflate balloons simultaneously. A Soft Touch Push Valve, is located adjacent to the cylinder for inflation of latex balloons. The secondary outlet is located at the end of the hose, and requires the snap-on outlets (sold separately).  

Included: 1 Soft Touch Push Valve, Pressure Gauge, Ribbon Cutter, Disc Tyer Post, Snap-On Flex-Tilt Valve Outlet, Snap-On Trigger Valve Outlet, Snap-On 60/40 Helium/Air Outlet, Snap-On Bubble & Auto-Foil Outlet.

Use to Inflate

  • Can inflate all latex balloons, foil balloons, Bubble balloons, and Orbz balloons (requires the correct snap-on tools for each).

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