Bargain Balloons is a wholesale distributor for many balloon manufacturers and unfortunately, we do not have our own printed catalogs.


Please Note: We do not carry all the balloons you see in these E-catalogs, however, we can special order items– with the exception of products that are discontinued or not licensed to be carried in Canada or the USA. To special order a product please open a support ticket and an agent will be able to help you with your request.


Anagram publishes the following catalogs each year: 

  1. Full Year Everyday Catalog
  2. Four Quarterly Catalogs (Volumes 1 to 4), which are combined into the Everyday Catalog the following year.
  3. Valentine's Day Catalog often includes Mardi Gras, St Patrick's Day, and Easter.
  4. Spring/Summer Catalog
  5. Fall/Winter Catalog

Below are E-catalogs printed by Anagram. Click on the images below to download or view the PDF copy of the E-catalog for your reference.


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