Bargain Balloons carries the full line of colors and sizes of latex balloons from Qualatex. However, the largest pearl and/or metallic latex balloon manufactured by Qualatex is 30-inch– while all other colors come in size 36-inch.


The reason Qualatex does not make a 36-inch pearl and metallic latex balloon is that these balloons do not stretch as well, therefore Qualatex sells only 30-inch latex balloons. To use the 36-inch and 30-inch latex balloons together– blow up the 36-inch balloon to 30 inches. 


It is important to understand that latex balloons are made by dipping what is called a form into a vat of liquid latex and the shape of the form determines the shape and size of the balloon. In fact, the 36-inch form is actually used to make a 30-inch pearl and metallic latex balloons. 


We suggest blowing up the balloons to 28-inches to avoid the likelihood of any balloons popping. It is always recommended that you stretch a new latex balloon several times before inflating it. Stretching the new balloon in all directions including stretching the neck seems to reduce the number of balloons that prematurely pop.