How to Inflate Double Bubble Balloons

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It is important to use the right nozzle when inflating a Double Bubble Balloon with helium in order to get the best results and float times.

A Double Bubble Balloon requires a lot of pressure to inflate and only a latex regulator (rubber tip) can get the job done. Do not use a foil auto shut-off regulator (brass tip), because it will shut off before the bubble balloon is completely inflated, and your Bubble Balloon will look like a foil balloon. 

Use the rubber latex regulator and be careful not to damage the valve when inflating the Bubble Balloon. 


When inflating with helium:

  • Inflate all balloons with helium.

When inflating with air:

  • Inflate all balloons with air. Do not use both air and helium for the same balloon.

How to Inflate a Double Bubble

1. Look for a blue valve (A). Inflate the outer bubble slightly with a latex regulator, so the inner balloon will have space to inflate.

2. Locate the white valve (B). Inflate the inner shape fully with a brass foil regulator.

3. Use both hands to move the foil balloon into a good position.

4. Return to the blue valve (A) and inflate the outer balloon with a latex regulator, until it is round and free of wrinkles and bumps. 


If the inner balloon shrinks while inflating the outer balloon, return to the white valve (B) and add a micro-second of helium using a latex regulator. You can also use a hand pump to add just enough air to fill out the inner balloon.


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