Latex is made from rubber and can ever be 100 percent clear. Clear balloons are designed to be inflated with either a pump or a helium tank. Using your mouth to inflate a clear balloon will cause the interior of the balloon to look very cloudy because the moisture from your lungs will enter the balloon and obstruct its clarity. 

Another common mistake is not inflating the balloon to its correct size indicated on the packaging. For example, a 36-inch clear balloon must be filled to its full 36-inch capacity so the balloon appears as clear as possible. Bargain Balloons recommend using a measuring tape or a balloon sizer to verify that the balloon is inflated to its full size. 

We offer many different brands of clear balloons that vary in price depending on the manufacturer. There are particular manufacturers who make their balloons with a high quality of latex. Many Bargain Balloons customers purchase Qualatex brand clear latex balloons.