Some balloons on our website come with stickers, that allow you to add letters or numbers to incorporate a personalized touch. The four balloons below include coordinating alphabet sticker sets. The last image is an example of what the first page of the Mickey Mouse sticker set looks like (product code #26364-01). Other personalized balloons might not come with sticker sets. These balloons can be written on, and personal stickers can be added as well. Please note that adding any stickers to a balloon adds weight to it and may affect float times. The description of the balloon will often indicate whether stickers are included. If it does not indicate this, please open a support ticket and we will update our website. 

Personalized balloons with stickers as shown below.

#26364-01 (24" Mickey Mouse HBD Personalize Jumbo Balloon)-Assorted Color Stickers

#26363-01 (24" Minnie Mouse HBD Personalize Jumbo Balloon)-Assorted Color Stickers

#29654-01 (32" Personalized Jumbo Hello Kitty Balloon Packaged)-White Stickers Only 

Discontinued Item 29655-01 (33" Spider-Man Birthday Personalized Balloon)-Purple Stickers Only