Latex balloons can be used outdoors, however, float times will be shortened versus when used indoors.


Outdoor float times depend on factors such as heat, humidity, sunshine, wind, etc., Float times are unpredictable in outdoor settings and you should never assume it will be the same every time. Qualatex Brand 17-inch balloons can be used outdoors and are most commonly used by automotive dealers for outdoor use. The larger the balloon– the longer the float time, and they are expected to float between 35-50 hours outside. 


Bargain Balloons suggests using larger balloons whenever possible for outdoor settings. For example, automotive dealers tend to use 17-inch balloons instead of 12-inch balloons in order to ensure they float for at least one day.


Please Note: Darker colored balloons and pearl colors tend to float for shorter periods of time outdoors, especially when it is sunny and warm.



See Tips for Outdoor Decor to get the results when using balloons outdoors.

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