What is the Qualatex Balloon Network (QBN) and Certified Balloon Network (CBA)?

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The Qualatex Balloon Network (QBN) was created in 1993 and is a comprehensive educational and marketing program aimed to promote quality, professionalism, and value in the balloon industry. The QBN teaches balloon decorators and retailers how to work more efficiently without the hassle of membership fees. 

Qualatex is the only company to have developed a program for balloon artists to earn certifications. To become a Certified Balloon Artist (CBA), applicants must first become a QBN member and pass all three of Qualatex's online exams with a score of 80% or higher. Applicants then need to pass a four-hour practical exam with a score of at least 80% in front of a panel consisting of two to four members. 

For those who have just begun their balloon business, Qualatex recommends that they wait at least two years before taking the exam to develop the required balloon techniques and skills. The success rate is 25% for those who tried out for the first time. 

Qualatex offers five QBN kits that include literature and DVDs available in ten different languages. 

1. QBN Balloon Basic Kits Includes

  • 2 DVDs (1 hour, 54 minutes)
  • “Design Basics of Balloons” book
  • Qualatex Everyday Catalog
  • Online reference materials and test

What You Learn

  • Ballooning techniques: Inflation, tying, sizing, how to use air, nitrogen and helium, safe environmental practices, etc.
  • Bouquets: Proportion, scaling, and colors, etc.
  • Business: How to price and sell.
  • String-of-Pearl Arches: Creating and estimating supplies.
  • Garlands: Creating and estimating supplies.
  • Marketing: How to network and advertise, etc.

2. QBN Balloon Deliveries and Bouquet Kit Includes

  • 1 DVD (50 minutes)
  • Qualatex Everyday Catalog
  • Online reference materials and test

What You Will Learn

  • Business training: orders and transportation.
  • Delivery Presentations: entrance, presentation, and exit
  • Design Principles & Elements of Design
  • Marketing & Merchandising
  • How to add value

3. QBN Balloon Decor Kit Includes                                                                                        

  • 1 DVD (1 hour, 9 minutes)                                                                                                                                   
  • Qualatex Everyday Catalog                                                                                                                                  
  • Online reference materials and test                                                                                                                   

What You Will Learn

  • Designing Room Decor: Understanding design.
  • Table Decor
  • Marketing & Selling Decor: portfolio & idea book; selling, etc.
  • Advanced Decor: Balloon drops, double stuffing, etc.

4 & 5. QBN Kit Bundle & QBN Multi-Language Kit Bundle

  • Both include the Balloon Basic Kit, the Deliveries and Bouquets Kit, and the Balloon Decor Kit. 
  • The Multi-Language Kit is subtitled and users have access to translated excerpts from "Design Basics with Balloons" book. 
  • The QBN Multi-Language Kit Bundle fee does not include the $40 CBA exam fee.

QBN and CBA Benefits

  • Access to the latest techniques and systems used for creating pricing and selling
  • Connect with other balloon artists via Facebook
  • Special Pricing & Discounts
  • Become a Qualatex Pro referral
  • Invitations to Qualatex events including the World Balloon Convention and the International Balloon Arts Conference (IBAC)
  • Access to the Images balloon magazine
  • Marketing materials 
  • Receive samples of the newest Qualatex products 

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