Organic Balloon Walls

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Organic balloon walls make a beautiful backdrop for any party. They are popular for taking stunning pictures and can be used for both indoor and outdoor venues.

Organic balloon walls are made of latex balloons inflated to various sizes and as many colors as desired. These walls can be hung using hooks (eg. 3M Command Hook) or can be attached to a metal frame or glued onto a foam board. There is no right or wrong way to build an organic balloon wall. Every decorator uses different methods, but all produce beautiful results. 

A hanging balloon wall simply means that it is going to be supported by hooks instead of a metal frame. Here is one method used to build this type of organic balloon wall.


  • A few hundred 12-inch balloons
  • Dozens of 5-inch balloons
  • Several 24-inch to 36-inch balloons
  • Monofilament line or something similar
  • 3M Command hooks or something similar
  • Large balloon walls use hundreds of balloons so it is best to inflate them with a dual electric inflator. 


  1. Measure the dimensions of the area where the balloon wall is going to be hung.
  2. Inflate two balloons with air and tie them into duplets and then into 4-balloon clusters. These balloons can be equally or randomly sized. If using multiple colors, it does not matter which colors are clustered together. 
  3. Clusters are then strung together using clear monofilament or Archline. #43964-32170
  4. Once the strand of balloons or garland is long enough, measure it to make sure that it is the correct length for the area where it is being placed. Before cutting the fishing line, create a loop in the line.
  5. Place a 3M Command Hook on the wall. Make sure it is placed at the correct height.
  6. Using the loop, wrap the fishing line around the hook until it is secured. 
  7. Create a few more garlands making sure that each one is about the same length. However, not all garlands have to be the exact same length because it is an organic wall. 
  8. Once all garlands have been hung, use the monofilament line to connect balloons together wherever there may be gaps between each garland. 
  9. Inflate a couple of large 24-inch to 36-inch balloons, and several smaller 5-inch to 7-inch balloons to fill in the spaces. Use a low-temperature glue gun to attach these balloons.
  10. Add extra decor such as florals, Orbz, streamers, twisting balloons, etc, to create your own unique wall. 

How to Create a Hanging Organic Balloon Wall

To build an organic balloon wall with a frame, the simplest method is to make garlands of either random or equal-sized balloons. However, balloons should be laid across the frame horizontally, and attached to the poles using the monofilament line on both ends of the garland as shown in the video below. If the garlands are not long enough, go back and add more clusters. The amount of poles used is up to you, depending on how tall the balloon wall is going to be. Approximately six poles make a good-sized wall. Outdoor balloon walls require a frame but if the balloon wall is going to be inside, they can be hung from an actual wall.

Building an Organic Balloon Wall with a Frame

Balloons can also be glued to foam boards on the wall using a low-temperature hot glue gun. This method does not require any type of string. Simply inflate random-sized balloons and glue them on top of foam board and fill in gaps with smaller balloons.

These are only suggestions, as every ball wall is constructed differently. The beauty of balloon walls is that no two are the same. You can design your balloon wall however you see fit. 

                                                         Hanging organic balloon wall. 

                                     This organic balloon wall is supported by a frame.

                                                            Organic balloon wall built with foam board.


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