The Classic Inflator™ is available in two models; the Soft-Touch Push Valve and the Flex-Tilt Valve. An optional pressure gauge measures the amount of helium left in the tank. If you inflate 5 inch or 260Q balloons, we recommend using the Soft-Touch Push Valve outlet, because an extension tip is included. 

Warnings: There is no auto shut-off for foil balloons on this inflator.

Use to Inflate:

  • 5 inch to 36 inch latex balloons
  • Quick Link and Link-O-Loon balloons
  • 260Q, 321Q, 350Q, 360Q, 646Q, 660Q modelling balloons
  • Geo Blossoms
  • Geo Donuts
  • Hearts
  • Valved Latex balloons
  • Foil balloons
  • Bubble and Deco Bubble balloons


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