The T-ReX MK2 is a tool used to make it easier to fill stuffing balloons. There are many items that can be used to stuff these balloons including other 18-inch balloons, twisting balloons, toys, etc. 


The T-ReX is affordable, portable, and efficient for quick easy stuffing and decorating on the go. It can stuff up to 120 balloons and twisting (entertainer) balloons. 


Improvements have been made to the T-ReX MK2 including: smoother stuffing, a polished tube interior, and increased airflow. It is available for shipment worldwide, with some distributors in the U.S, U.K, Italy, and Austria. 


Items included

  • T-ReX Balloon Stuffing tube - designed in black 
  • 2 Black O Rings - which connect to the body
  • 4 spare O Rings - in case rings get damaged 
  • A clear tube - for seamless airflow to air inflator and T-ReX tube
  • Black Carry Bag


Air inflators are not included with the T-Rex MK2. Purchasing an air inflator and two clamps are recommended to secure the T-ReX MK2 to a sturdy structure. 


Bargain Balloons does not sell this product but it can be purchased directly from the company website. The stuffing machines we do carry can be found here.