Latex Regulator Instructions

Modified on Fri, 15 Nov 2019 at 12:37 PM

The economy latex regulator (nozzle or inflator) is the most common regulator used to blow up balloons. A regulator is used to reduce the high pressure of the helium cylinder, to a safe working pressure to inflate balloons. This can be used to inflate latex balloons, and in some cases Bubble balloons and Orbz™. This can never inflate foil balloons. A regulator meant for foil balloons should be used for inflation. The latex regulator may come with additional features, such as a ribbon cutter or pressure gauge (shown in the image below). The gauge helps measure the amount of helium left in the tank.


Please always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for use, install, and removal. The instructions below are the instructions for most latex regulators, and may not be the instructions for your regulator. Most of these regulators come with a tilt valve. To use a tilt valve inflator, place the balloon over the nozzle and bend (tilt) the nozzle. The helium will flow from the nozzle into the balloon. When the balloon is full or at a desired size, release the nozzle back and the gas will stop flowing. Some tilt nozzles may only tilt in one direction. Others may tilt in all, or more than one direction. If the gas does not release, make sure the tank is open. Turn left to open the tank and right to close it. Hand tight only. Keep the tank closed when it is not being used. This will prevent gas from leaking and assure proper safety practices. 

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