Yes, Bargain Balloons can ship Gridz Express/Priority and 2-day; however, the option does not appear at checkout. Please open a support ticket to discuss the costs of shipping this product.

The shipping costs are calculated for this product by dimensional weight, instead of the actual weight of the product.

Calculate dimensional weight by multiplying the length by width by height to get the cubic size of the package, and then dividing by the courier company's dividing number.

For example, the dividing number for UPS and FedEx's 2-day delivery is 139. A Gridz box is 13 x 13 x 8=1352 รท139= 9.7 and is then rounded up to 10 pounds per box.

One box, on average, can cost around $23.00 to ship express to the US.  Canadian rates are normally much higher. We do not ship this product to international destinations.

Product Code


Accessories (Grid Kit)

#14612 (Grid Cross Inserts)

#14614 (Grid Triangles)

#14921 (Grid Pole Replacement)

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