Standard Stuffing 

Pastel colors are created by double stuffing balloons. Standard colors are used to create pastel colors (ex. purple, yellow, pink, green stuffed into white). 11-inch colored balloons are stuffed into 16-inch white balloons. The colored balloon should be put inside the white balloon. This can be done by using a stick, or the extension pole from the Slide-N-Size balloon sizer (if applicable). Balloons can be pre-stuffed prior to inflation. Balloons can be inflated to their full size, or let out if a round shape is desired. The white balloon should also remain un-stretched on the outside. This is done by tying the 11-inch balloon after inflation while leaving the 16-inch balloon untied. 

Unique Stuffing

Balloons can also be stuffed into different colored balloons for unique color creations. Some unique designs include stuffing standard colors into an ivory silk balloon. This will create warm pastel colors. Pastel lilac can also be achieved by stuffing pale blue inside pink. If you add a grey balloon inside pale blue before stuffing it into pink, this will add more depth. We recommend experimenting with different colors and stuffing them into white, to see what fun creations you come up with!

*Using quality latex is recommended for the best color results. Qualatex is a great brand for creating pastel colors*