Choosing Balloon Colors off a Monitor or Picture– Warning*

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Bargain Balloons does its best to provide all of our customers with as much information as possible about balloons and how to get the best results for any event. We are not a professional decorating or party planning company, however, we do have a Support Portal to help provide customers with information.

The Support Portal is filled with information and many tips, DIY ideas, and balloon designs for the best results for any event. 


It is difficult to offer suggestions when it comes to color selection for several reasons.


  1. There is no industry standard when it comes to naming latex balloon colors. Manufacturers can give the same shade of colored latex balloons two different names, or two different shades of latex balloons with the same name. For example, the color red has thousands of shades.
  2. Online images of balloons are only a representation of the colors. It is important to be mindful that exact colors may vary because different monitors display colors differently. Most modern computer monitors can show millions of variations of different colors–which many do not have names. What the color of a balloon looks like on your monitor may not be exactly what you get.
  3. Keep in mind editing, filters,  lighting, and the color printing process makes it difficult to gauge the color of a balloon. It is important to take into consideration the lighting in the venue you are decorating­– natural lighting, outdoor, indoor, day, or night.
  4. Decorators sometimes double stuff latex balloons to create custom colors for their designs– which means you cannot purchase this color. Double Stuffing– also known as Balloon Layering, is combining two balloons together, one colored balloon inside a different colored balloon to create custom colors. 


Please follow the links below to Qualatex Double Stuffing E-Catalogs. These e-catalogs will tell you what colors to combine to create the balloon colors shown.


A New Kind of Shine 

Graceful Pastel Colors 

Custom Neutral and Muted Colors


Qualatex brand is recognized as the very best in latex balloons however, Bargain Balloons carries a variety of brand name latex balloons– like Kalisan and Decomex– which we have tested for quality and color consistency. Every latex brand we carry meets professional decorating quality. 


If you are new to the balloon industry, we strongly suggest purchasing several different latex brands to compare and see which you prefer.  Color selection, size availability, inflation shapes, float times, and how easy it is to tie, should be factored in your decision. 


Please follow the links below for more Qualatex-related articles.


Rainbow of Colors

Chrome Double Stuffing Brochure

Double Stuffed Pastel Colours Brochure


E-Catalogs by Brand







Northstar Balloons™





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