Bargain Balloons sells both packaged and unpackaged balloons on our website. 

A balloon listed on our website as 'packaged' means it is packaged individually for retail use. Packaged balloons are sold at retail stores in order to display the product to customers. There is no difference between a packaged and unpackaged balloon.  The balloons are identical, however, the price for a packaged balloon may be higher. 

Bargain Balloons sells many identical, packaged, and unpackaged balloons. If the packaging is not important, then we can substitute when one is sold out.

A helpful tip when shopping for packaged or unpackaged products is to be aware of product codes.

Most manufacturers have the same product code for packaged or unpackaged products, however, the last digit will be different. 

For example, 06457-01 and 06457-02 have the same code but the last digit is different. The '01' represents a packaged balloon and the 02 represents unpackaged for manufactures like Northstar and/or Anagram. 

Please note: 

  • Betallic balloons in a package will end in a 'P'.  If there is no 'P' at the end of the barcode, the balloon is unpackaged.
  • CTI uses the letter 'P' or 'HP' to indicate a packaged balloon. 
  • Not all balloons are available in both packaging types.
  • Seasonal balloons are typically found unpackaged. 
  • Unpackaged balloons are safely wrapped together in a plastic bag to avoid damage. 
  • All latex balloons are sold packaged.

Please put a note in the shipping comments specifying whether or not you prefer packaged or unpackaged products.

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