Crystal Clearz Lighted Balloons

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Crystal Clearz Lighted balloons, made by Anagram, are 16.4 ft. lighted strings that require two AA batteries (not included) and one 18-inch balloon (uninflated). These balloons are made from a type of plastic, that only a latex regulator can fully inflate the balloon with helium. 


Although this balloon comes in one size, it can be inflated up to 22 inches and will have a spherical shape. The lighted string is available in white or multi-colored, making them a magical focal point for dance parties, wedding receptions, or other events. 


These balloons can also be stuffed with other balloons or filled with confetti by cutting off the self-sealing valve. To remove the valve, use scissors to cut along the balloon neck and pull the valve out. Remember, if the valve is taken out of the balloon you will have to seal the balloon by manually tying it off. The balloon can be tied off using ribbon to securely wrap around the neck or it can be heat sealed using a low setting on the sealer as long as the balloon is not inflated to its maximum capacity.


Each package includes instructions on how to inflate and wrap the lights around the Crystal Clearz Light balloon. They suggest wrapping one end of the lights around the balloon's tail and then wrapping the remaining lights– evenly spaced– around the balloon, covering the seams of the balloon and intersecting over the top of the balloon. When wrapping a helium-filled balloon, do not use the entire length of the wire to wrap around the balloon. Leave enough hanging so the battery can keep the balloon from flying away.


Another design method is to create a lighted stand by feeding the light string through a hollow balloon stick with the battery pack being at the bottom of the stick. You can cut the balloon stick making it shorter, allowing for more wrapping length around the balloon. Feed the lights up through the hole in the balloon cup and secure the Crystal Clearz Lighted balloon by wrapping the balloon tail around the cup. You can now wrap the lights around the balloon and tie the end around the balloon cup. Tie a rubber band around the battery pack and the balloon stick for a solid hold. The lights will illuminate through the stick, creating a flowing stream of light. The larger you inflate the balloon– the more length of lighted string will be required to wrap around the balloon.


Crystal Clearz Lighted balloons are only available in clear with white or multi-color lights, however, you can purchase Crystal Clearz balloons separately. Crystal Clearz balloons are available in blue, dark pink, light pink, orange, and yellow.

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How to Remove Self-Sealing Valve (1:20 Mark)

How to Seal a Bubble Balloon  (5:20 Mark) 

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