Balloon Hangers are a decorating accessory used to simplify making and hanging latex balloon clusters. Balloon Hangers eliminate the need for tape or wire. 

There are two types of Balloon Hangers:

  1. Corner Balloon Hangers: Holds three balloons and is used to hang balloons in corners. 
  2. Cluster Balloon Hangers: Comes with two pieces and holds eight balloons. This hanger is used for hanging balloons clusters from the ceiling and to create arches and column displays. 

How to use Balloon Hangers

  1. Inflate and tie the latex balloons. It's recommended to make one cluster at a time.
  2. Insert the necks of the balloons, below the knot you tied, into the slits of the hanger. 
  3. Once the hanger is complete, use a pushpin to hang it from the ceiling. If this is not an option, it is best to try and test different methods before your event. 

How to use Balloon Hangers to create an arch

Use the disc piece from a  Cluster Balloon Hanger to make a balloon arch.

  1. Inflate eight balloons and tie them. 
  2. Insert one balloon into each slot on the hanger below to the knot.
  3. Feed monofilament line through the center of the hanger
  4.  Attach a weight to the bottom of the line. 
  5. Keep stacking clusters while feeding monofilament line through the hangers, until the desired size is reached. 

Other Ideas

To create balloon columns, use the same method as building an arch, but stack clusters to the desired height. 

You can also create free-standing columns by threading the discs down a rod and then insert one end into a planter so it stands upright. 

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