You can request an address correction if a live chat operator is available. If no agent is available, please follow this link to request a change to your order.

Submitting a change request will change the status of your order to "On Hold". Our shipping team is not able to ship orders that are on hold without making the requested changes.

Opening a support ticket or emailing our general inbox does not put an order on hold. If an order has already shipped, the change request link will not work. If this happens, open a support ticket or call us at 1-866-330-1272. We will contact the courier company, and make every attempt to have the parcel rerouted to the correct address. Any address redirection can cause delays to your delivery. If the parcel redirection is not possible, we will attempt to have the parcel returned to us. Courier companies are not always willing to retrieve parcels.

Errors with your State or Province

If a change to the state or province is the only correction needed, the error is unlikely to have any impact on delivery. Our shipping software will correct the error automatically. Shipping companies use zip/postal codes to route shipments. State codes are not used, so an incorrect state code will not have an impact on delivery.

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