Bubble Balloons are made from clear stretchy plastic and come with a sealed moist pack. The moist pack has a wipe you must use on the Bubble Balloon and all its seams before you begin inflating.  Only open a wet pack when you are ready to inflate the balloon. 

Deco Bubble Balloons are popular clear balloons meant for double stuffing. Deco Bubbles are designed to be double stuffed and therefore do not have a self-sealing valve. A seal will have to be created after the Deco Bubble is inflated. Deco Bubbles are available in a clear print, as well as different themed prints. Deco Bubbles in packages of one.

Aqua Balloons are also made from clear stretchy plastic, however, these balloons are more transparent than Deco Bubbles. Aqua Balloons are only available in clear, without any prints. Aqua Balloons do not come with a moist pack and have a pink film that protects the balloon until it is ready to be inflated. Aqua Balloons are packaged in 10 counts

Float times for Deco Bubbles are significantly longer than Aqua Balloons. Deco Bubbles can float from 7 days up to a few weeks, while Aqua Balloons will only float for a few days.