Hi-Float Transportation Bags are ideal for transporting latex balloons treated with Hi-Float and arrangements with minimal tangling.

These specially ventilated bags allow balloons treated with Hi-Float to properly dry and will not reduce the float time of latex balloons very much.

Hi-Float Transport Bags also help prevent any splatter or mess in case a balloon treated with Hi-Float bursts before completely drying. In case of spills or mess, cleaning instructions are printed right on the Hi-Float bag.

There are two types of transport bags rolls:

 Balloon Transport Bags

- Comes in a roll of 100

- The bags are 66-inch by 30-inch by 12-inch per roll

- Each bag holds 15 fully inflated 11-inch balloons

Endless Balloon Transport Bags

- Bags are not pre-cut and can be cut into any custom size

- 550 total feet of bag
- This roll will transport up to 1,500 11-inch balloons

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