Organic Balloons Design


Bargain Balloons is one of the largest wholesale distributors of balloons and balloon accessories in North America, however, we are not a professional balloon decorating company.


Below I have provided you with some decorating information. Please email me back if you have further questions.  


Organic Balloon Design


Organic balloon designs are one of the hottest trends in balloon decorating. These structures consist of the fluidity of many different colors of balloons in different balloon sizes. You can make garlands, arches, columns, trees, hearts, centrepieces, giant rings for pillars along with other structures using an organic balloon design.  The organic style refers to the look of the design and not to the structure itself. You can add flowers, plants, foil balloons, or other non-balloon items to your structure for extra flair. 


 In order to make any of the structures, you will need to know some basic knowledge of how to design the structure.  Below is a list of the basic materials and some tips on how to make an organic balloon design.  It may look difficult and can be time-consuming for a beginner, but it is easier to complete than it looks.  Plan well, give yourself enough time, find a few helping hands, and a unique design will come together quickly.


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Materials needed for Organic Balloon Design

1. Balloons in various sizes and colors.

2.  Glue Dots (optional)

3. Decorating strip or monofilament line, or strings or other line/PVC Frame.


Some Other Tips


1. It is important to understand that you can never make an organic balloon structure look the exact same as a photo on social media. Every organic structure is unique.  Unfortunately, many of the images you find online are manipulated using software like Photoshop to look different than they truly are in person.  Be creative and make the design your own.


2. Many professional decorators double up their balloons by putting a balloon inside of another balloon using a stick with a dull end to slide one inside the other to make the balloons appear more opaque or to create colors not available. This technique is called double stuffing. A link to learn how to double stuff balloons can be found here.


3. There are no wrong colors and you can genuinely choose whatever colors you want or need, however, size is what is truly important. Balloons change shades as they are inflated. The color of the balloon appears darker when uninflated, so if you want the colors to be the same you must fully inflate the balloon.  If you do not want them to be the same color, then experiment with uninflated balloons and fully inflated balloons to get a range color. Be sure to purchase different-sized balloons when buying balloons for your organic design.


4. Qualatex is the best brand for all your decorating needs. It has the lowest average of defective balloons per bag and the largest selection of sizes and solid colors. The colors match from size to size much better than value lines.


5. Some people prefer a round shape balloon for organic balloon decorating.  If you blow up the balloon to its full size and then let out 25% of the air– so the latex has been stretched– you can now push or mold the balloon into a rounder shape.  Tie the balloon further up the neck.


Color Differences


Latex balloons are available in a variety of colors that differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. The most common latex balloon finishes are:


· Standard/Fashion: Opaque, letting little light through the balloon.

· Crystal/Jewel: Semi-transparent, light travels through the balloon and you may see outlines of objects through the balloon.

· Pearl/Metallic tones: Have glitter look and sparkle in the light. Depending on how the light hits or reflects off the balloon changes how it may look.


Solid Color Latex Balloons


Below are links to our most popular latex balloons. Many decorators use Qualatex latex balloons to make organic art, but to save money our value lines are a good option. This list is not a full list since we do sell other brands as well, but the links will take you to our most popular brands.  If you have any trouble finding what you are looking for, please feel free to email me back.


Qualatex, Tuff-Tex, Kalisan, and Decomex are our most popular latex balloons. Kalisan and Decomex balloons are a higher-end discount brand meant to save you money for birthday parties and giveaways.  For high-end decorating the Qualatex brand is suggested for their product consistency, color selection, and float times.  For those doing decorating for clients, we will often recommend Qualatex, however, for those using the balloons for less important events and giveaways Kalisan and Decomex brands is extremely popular because they offer a quality product at a much lower price than Qualatex.


Qualatex Brand

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