At checkout, you have the option of choosing a discrepancy action (see the options below). This may be a good option, as it will speed up the packing process and delivery whenever there is a minor discrepancy with your order.

Our customer service agents always verify the following when making inventory adjustments:

  • Discrepancy actions are only meant for minor issues. If a lot of product is missing, you will be contacted.
  • If you only ordered two bags of latex balloons and one bag is not available to ship, you will be contacted even if you chose to substitute for a similar product or a refund.
  • If you bought letter or number balloons and we do not have a balloon, a customer service agent will contact you.
  • We make substitutions with similar products of similar value only. For example, we will not substitute an Easter balloon for a Mother's Day balloon.
  • When in doubt, be assured you will always be contacted.
  • If we expect more stock soon and we know the date you need your order by, we will hold your order and ship it when stock is available again.