The Air Force 2™ can inflate up to two latex or foil balloons simultaneously with air. Inflation can be controlled with the foot pedal, or by using the continual mode. The continual mode blows air out the outlets. The continual mode should not be run for more than 30 minutes without a 10 minute cooling period. Latex outlets come with an extension tip, allowing users to inflate both 5 inch balloons and entertainer balloons (excluding 160Qs). To inflate latex balloons 16 inches and larger, remove one of the friction fit outlets and attach the large balloon inflation hose. The Air Force 2™ has a safety fuse that shuts off the power, in the event of an electrical malfunction. 

Warnings: Does not have an auto shut-off. You are likely to damage some foil balloons using this machine. Only fills balloons with air. Unit does not size balloons.

Use to Inflate

  • 12 inch Quick Links and Link-O-Loons
  • Geo Blossoms
  • Geo Donuts
  • Hearts
  • 260Q, 321Q, 350Q, 360Q, 646Q, 660Q (260Q balloons require the use of an extension tip)
  • Latex Balloons from 5 inches to 36 inches (5 inch balloons require the use of an extension tip)
  • Bubble balloons
  • Foil balloons in all shapes and sizes

Instructions as Provided by the Manufacturer.