Bargain Balloons has a variety of unicorn-shaped foil balloons that range in size from 9 to 54-inches. We also carry latex balloons with a unicorn print, and these balloons are available from 5 to 12-inches. You can also find unicorn-themed Orbz and Airwalkers balloons. Many of our unicorn balloons are also available in pastel colors, iridescent hues, rainbows, and holographic designs. 

Unicorn balloons are great decor for celebrations and are commonly used for children's birthdays. These balloons are also available with no messages making them a universal focal point for any occasion. 

Unicorns are fantasy horse-like creatures with magical spiral horns and are sometimes depicted with wings. They are known to heal sicknesses and are often portrayed as majestic, colorful, glittering animals that bring joy and peace.

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