Tips for inflating a 12-inch Heart-Shaped Latex Balloon

  1.  Inflating with helium– gently press down in the middle of the lobes to help mould a more distinct heart shape. This will prevent the balloon from inflating into a round shape. 
  2. Inflating with air–  pull the neck of the balloon all the way down the nozzle to avoid inflating the neck. Inflating the neck of a heart-shaped balloon results in an elongated neck. There will be very little room to tie a knot if this happens. 
  3. Tie the knot as high up on the neck as possible which will help maintain its heart shape. 
  4. Push air from every pump into the lobes, to give it a more defined heart-shaped look. 
  5. Over inflating a heart-shaped balloon causes the base or tip of the heart to inflate making it lose its distinct shape. 
  6. Always fully inflate balloons with air first and then deflate them. This stretches out the balloon so it can be inflated even larger the second time. 

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