LED  or Light Up Latex Balloons come with a small LED light manufactured inside of a balloon that can be inflated with air or helium. 

Not all manufacturers design LED balloons the same, so it is important to read the instructions provided in the packaging.

Qualatex suggests activating the LED light at the top of the balloon before inflating it. 

Please Note:

  • LED lights do not produce heat and therefore will not burn or damage the balloon. 
  • Keep small children stay away from uninflated LED balloons. The LED light is small enough to be a choking hazard.
  •  LED lights can be purchased separately and inserted into the balloon manually, however, Bargain Balloons suggests using translucent balloons to attain maximum brightness.
  • If an LED light is too big the balloon may not float straight and the balloon will slant. 

Bargain Balloons currently only sells Qualatex brand Q-Lite Light Up Latex Balloons in a variety of colors and counts. 

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