Covid-19 has created a worldwide shortage of balloons and materials, such as foil and latex because they are now being used for PPE; this has forced many manufacturers to limit production.

Many of our suppliers are currently out of stock of many items that we regularly order. We are currently doing our very best to replenish stock levels as soon as items become available.

Bargain Balloons offers the following suggestions:

  1. Check online stock regularly. 
  2. Order as early as possible before your event or holiday.
  3. Stock up on essentials whenever stock is available.
  4. Try to substitute products for similar ones when an item is not available or make adjustments to the theme.
  5. Click the “Email Me When Back in Stock” button located below the products that are sold out. An email will be sent to you once it is back in stock. If you receive an email that an item is back in stock place an order quickly to avoid not getting the product.

The explanation for Restock information online

There are various messages below products that explain why a product may be sold out (see example above). 

Manufacturer has no stock – The manufacturer has no stock available and has not provided a restock date. This message does not mean the stock will never be available, but it may not be available for some time.

Discontinued by Manufacturer – The manufacturer no longer produces the product and does not have any stock. Bargain Balloons has not yet removed the product from our website because we have yet to verify our inventory.

Restock Date Unknown – The manufacturer has not provided a restock date, but it does not mean the stock will not come in soon. 

Expected back in stock in 1 day- Many manufacturers provide restocking dates and Bargain Balloons updates our website once a manufacturer posts their expected restock date on their website. Generally, these dates are accurate, however,  the date of arrival may change and manufacturers may not have all stock available when out our order. We try to update these dates as soon as we become aware of restocking delays.