DIY Balloon Drop Materials & Instructions 

  • Net (make sure the holes in the net are smaller than the balloons)
  • String
  • Duck tape
  • Scissors
  • Balloons
  • Confetti & streamers (optional)

  1. Cut the balloon net to the desired size depending on the number of balloons. 
  2. Fill the balloons in the net.
  3. Seal the net once it is filled. The net can be sealed, by weaving string between the holes to sew together. 
  4. Make sure to leave a considerable amount of string at the side, so it can be pulled when it is time for the balloon release. 
  5. Once the net is sealed, the sides can be taped to the ceiling. Optionally, if there are ceiling rods, handles, or structures– you can tie a string to each end of the net and then attach it to the ceiling. 
  6. When it is time for the release, pull the string and watch the balloons drop!