AirWalker® balloons are made by Anagram and each package comes with inflation instructions. It is important to read the instructions thoroughly and look over the balloon carefully.

Many AirWalker® balloons come with multiple valves for different parts of the balloon. and some of the balloons need to be inflated in a certain way. Please be aware that one valve gets inflated and another valve may be overlooked.

Self-sealing valves on AirWalker® balloons can vary from long to short, making it more difficult to insert the metal brass-tipped inflator into the valve. If a valve appears to be sealed– in most cases it is not. The rubber-tipped nozzle is only meant for latex balloons. 

If you need help opening up the valve– try using a straw to insert into the self-sealing valve. If the straw stops and hits an edge- the straw might not be inside the valve. Try going under the self-sealing valve or over it. In most cases, the valve will open. 

See the package for complete instructions.