With ideal indoor conditions, a latex balloon filled with air will look almost fully inflated for several weeks, if not longer, because air escapes much slower than helium from a latex balloon. 


Temperature, humidity, elevation, and air circulation are a few factors that determine how long a balloon will last. An air-filled latex balloon may only last one day if in the sun because it will deteriorate the latex quicker. If you put an air-filled latex balloon next to an air vent, for example, the balloon will lose air much quicker than a balloon away from an air vent.


It is best to assume not every balloon will last the exact same amount of time, and in average indoor conditions, the balloons can last several weeks. It is important to note, whenever you blow up a latex balloon with either helium or air, you are subjecting the balloon to oxidize and biodegrade at a faster rate.


ULTRA HI-FLOAT can be used with air-filled balloons to prolong usage, as it prevents air from escaping. HI-FLOAT works in entertainer balloons and round balloons.


When treated with HI-FLOAT, an 11-inch air-filled balloon will maintain its original size for approximately 2 months, while 260Qs will maintain its original size for many weeks.


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