The terms Apple Twist and Tulip Twist are often used interchangeably by decorators, but they are actually two different types of designs.

The techniques used to create an Apple Twist are similar to creating a Tulip Twist, but Apple Twists are made using round latex balloons instead of twisting balloons. 

Apple Twists are usually performed on under-inflated 5-inch balloons but can be performed on any size latex balloon. However, the larger the balloon, the more difficult it becomes to manipulate. 

Apple Twists are used to create apples, wheels, noses, and much more.

How to Make an Apple Twist

  1. Over inflate a round latex balloon and then release some air until the balloon is at the desired size. Tie the neck of the balloon and make sure the knot is at the end of the neck.
  2. Squeeze the balloon at the sides and using your index finger, push the knot into the balloon. The knot should be pushed down straight and not off to the side. 
  3. Using your other hand, grab the knot from the other end of the balloon and hold onto it while sliding your finger out from the balloon.
  4. Twist the knot a few times and secure it with a 160Q or 260Q. Either trim off the excess 160Q or 260Q, or use it to attach the Apple Twist to something else.

How to Make an Apple Twist

How to Create an Apple Twist With a Sand Weight (4:20 mark)

Yo-Yo Twists are created by twisting an Apple or Tulip Twist in half so that it resembles a Yo-Yo. These are used to create wheels or whatever else you can imagine. After making a small Apple Twist or Tulip Twist, twist the balloon in half horizontally until the twist is secured.  


  • You can use a straight object such as the dull end of a pencil instead of your finger. 
  • Create two attachment points by tying a twisting balloon onto the knot of the round balloon before performing the Apple Twist.
  • Tie a green uninflated round latex balloon to the knot to resemble a real apple.
  • Add a sand weight to the knot before creating the Apple Twist to use it as a base to a design. 
  • Long fingernails can cause balloons to pop when poking the knot through the balloon.

How to Make a Yo-Yo Twist (1:30 mark)