You may want to transfer a shopping cart to another computer or retrieve a shopping cart. You must have the Cart ID in order to be able to transfer a cart.

Your cart ID can be found as shown in the image below above the "View Your Order" button. If at any time you need to retrieve your cart on another computer or you have lost your cart on your computer press the "Transfer Cart" link and enter the cart ID and you will be able to retrieve your cart. A cart can only be stored on one computer and one domain at a time.  If you move the cart to another computer and wish to continue on another computer, you can bring the cart back and forth from computer to computer by transferring the cart as per the instructions below.

Please follow the instructions below

  1. Press the transfer cart link found in the shopping cart box and fill in the Cart ID when requested
  2. Press transfer
  3. Your shopping cart should now have the order details in it from the cart ID