Yes, Bargain Balloons works with a manufacturer to custom print and manufacturer foil balloons. However, this can only be done with a minimum order of 5000 balloons. 

Less than 5000 Balloons

If you need less than 5000 balloons, then the best method is to screenprint on balloons. Bargain Balloons does not own any equipment to screenprint on balloons. To find balloon printers, do a web search for “balloon printing”.

More Than 5000 Balloons

Foil balloons are made using a printing process called flexography printing, which is a cost-effective way of printing a large volume of foil balloons. Flexography printing requires expensive printing plates for each color of printing. It is not suggested to custom print foil balloons for less than 5000 units. Plates are reusable and will last for years, so the cost to reprint a balloon is much less for the second print job. 

Please open a support ticket to get a quote for balloon printing. Please include as many details as possible of what you need to be printed and the amount you need.